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Meditators live an athlete-like lifestyle; combining physical exercises, immersing in nature, breathing practices, contemplative studies, and meditation sessions. Their time commitment, as a minimum, is comparable to that of an athlete. Our aim is to transform meditation into a lucrative profession centred around the practice. 

World Meditation League will professionalise meditation through championship events that offer a global platform for meditators and showcase the benefits of meditation to wide public audiences. Awards and recognitions, coupled with considerable financial rewards will form an integral part of our championship events, where, together, we will celebrate the most valuable of human experiences. 

We seek to bring advanced meditators and leading scientific researchers from around the world onto one platform of collaboration. This is just the starting whistle of WML. We invite you to join us in this transformative journey – a journey not only of self-discovery but also of shaping the future of human experience.

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On World Meditation League launching a Professional Meditation Movement 

Picture of Erkin Bek, Founder of WML

Dear Friends,  Let’s take a moment to reflect on the wonderful journey that brings us here today. Have you ever sensed an invaluable treasure within, surpassing the significance of  work or productivity? As we step into this new year, I’m delighted to share a revelation  - the untapped richness within us.  Imagine a moment in nature, where the beauty of existence surrounds you. I had many  such moments of meditating in beautiful nature’s surroundings, and often times at  some point I would have to contemplate on the prospect of going to an office for  productivity-driven, machine-like tasks. Yet, I recognized that the forest moment and  deep self-immersion were the most valuable to me as a human being. It became clear  to me that these moments, often distracted or overshadowed by the mundane demands  of daily life, should define our existence. This realization struck me that diving into our  inner world should evolve into a valuable human profession, a pursuit of utmost  significance.  Fortunately, our ancestors left us a marvelous gift - meditation, a practice enabling a  profound exploration of ourselves.  Our meditation organization All Here has launched a unique collaboration with  SVYASA in Bangalore and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne into  meditation research, which has led us on a quest to detect and benchmark some of  the incredible benefits of the practice. This exploration led to the creation of the World  Meditation League (WML), a pioneering movement aimed at transforming meditation into a mainstream and professional sport-like occupation.  WML aspires to:  1. Identify the most effective meditation styles.  2. Unite meditators and scientists.  3. Popularize the wide-ranging benefits globally.  4. Establish a lucrative profession centered around the practice.  5. Celebrate the essence of what it means to be human.  I envision the evolution of WML into a futuristic platform where meditation becomes a  rare sport of minds — an exchange of subtle human experiences deeply connected  with science. Our vision is to begin a new era of professional meditation where  meditation becomes mainstream, a cornerstone of our daily lives. I extend an invitation to each of you to join us in this transformative journey - a journey not only of self-discovery, but also of shaping the future of human experience. Together, we can elevate the essence of being human to new heights.

Note from Founder

Erkin Bek, Founder & President,

World Meditation League



Erkin Bek, our Founder & President with Dr. Manjunath N K, Co-Founding Partner, Meditation Research, of World Meditation League, at the 25th INCOFYRA conference.

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Join the ranks of seasoned meditators in an enlightening journey that is as unique as you are.


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